About us

Sustainable living means a successful life.

Go green Mombasa is a pilot project under Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) green cities projects. The main goal is to build and improve the agriculture and forestry capacity development of Mombasa as an essential urban area. The project also aims at coming up with ways to conserve current forest ecosystems in Mombasa such as the Mangrove forests. Go green Mombasa also aims at partnering with relevant stakeholders to extend the conservation measures in schools around Mombasa.


Go Green Mombasa was founded in 2022 as one of the cities chosen by FAO to participate in the pilot phase of the green city’s initiative. The participants and co-founders of Go green Mombasa shared in the vision of FAO which is to redesign cities and build resilience for these cities. The dream would make it easy to provide people with sustainable food, green lifestyles and spaces as well as jobs. The initiative was also aimed at solving problems that have been a menace to our environment such as degradation and deforestation of the coastal ecosystem. This is especially the mangrove and swamp ecosystems. With the green cities’ initiative, it would be easy to spearhead conservation measures and protect city forests.


Rehab Nderu


Maintains and builds cordial relationships with donors who are vital in spearheading change in communities. Has fiduciary duty and legal authority to determine the best way of utilizing the trust assets after needs assessment has been conducted

Victor Waudi

Project manager

 Ensures project integration by overseeing all project activities to ensure maximum output by each member of the team 

Hawa Munjiru

Administrative assistance

 Establishes effective administrative system that ensures smooth running of day to day operations at the office 

Joel Ziroh

Finance Officer

He oversees the financial operations of the organization as well as ensures timely and accurate financial reports and practices 

Hillary Ojiambo

Supporting Officer

Provides assistance to team members